Update on the Flowers along Central Avenue

As the Flower Power project reaches the end of its season, the McKinleyville Chamber would once again like to thank all of those who donated to a project that added beauty and color to McKinleyville. This was our first year and it was a huge success. We would also like to thank Pat Sheehy and Les Schwab Tire Center for allowing our morning watering crews to refill the water wagon, midway through watering, for the very thirsty flowers. 
As many of you have noticed, the flowers have reached the end of their cycle and it is time for them to come down. With flower pots this size and at that height, it was recommended that we stop watering them to allow the soil to dry up before removing them so they would not be so heavy. In preparation of their removal, shortly after the Corks Forks and Kegs event, the Chamber volunteers finished watering the second week of September. A while back, PG&E had graciously volunteered to assist the chamber in the removal of the pots, as this is a major task. With the two hurricanes that recently hit the East Coast, local PG&E crews were called upon to aid the affected areas. Understandably, the flower pots did take a back burner. We hoped that the flower pots would be down before they started looking droopy, but the chamber understands that PG&E's priority was to assist with getting the power restored for those affected by the hurricanes. 
We very much appreciate your patience and understanding. We hope that you enjoyed the flowers in their prime. They will be up again next year, hopefully before the 50th Anniversary of Pony Express Days.