Leadership class fieldtrips

Meet Some of Those Who Serve Our Community!
Participants of the Leadership program enjoyed a very informative presentation given by members stationed at Coast Guard Air Station Humboldt Bay in McKinleyville. It was amazing to hear their stories and get an idea of what they do to serve and protect our community. It was mentioned that one of the toughest issues for those who serve our area is the lack of appropriate housing. One individual stated that it took her almost six months to find a place that she could call home. 

Participants then met with Hillarie Beyer, Executive Director of the McKinleyville Family Resource Center where they were able to tour the building, including the Food Pantry which serves around 200 McKinleyville residents each month. In addition, participants learned about the well attended weekly New Parents Group.

The Leadership program has just two classes left. They also met with representatives for Senator Mike McGuire and Congressman Jared Huffman to finish out the classes. The 10-week program has been very informative and participants have enjoyed networking with those in our community and learning what challenges those serving our community face. The last class will be used to begin the planning process for the 2018 Leadership program. Contact Cyndi at (707) 839-2449 to be placed on the call list for classes starting in September 2018.